Digital strategy

It’s not enough to be present, it’s crucial to do it on a conscious level. So together, we determine the digital platforms be present at, and decide about the best ways to do so.

Content strategy

We develop specific content for the target areas and share it on various platforms. Performance is continuously analyzed and adjusted if necessary.

Social Media

Social content is created and seeded in a platform-specific way, and performance is analyzed.

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Web development

We love to develop: be it a corporate site or a machine learning-based unique CMS. The main thing is to make it happen in a deliberate and implemented manner.


Our user-focused attitude is an advantage when it comes to design, too, thus user satisfaction is higher and so is conversion.


Being aware of the proper numbers a key to better conversion, so our services in analytics are paired with campaign management. Efficient SEO also makes PPC campaigns more cost-efficient.


No matter how great a site is if it’s not visible for search engines. So our texts are created with a focus on SEO, too.

Native content

Content is converted successfully if it appears natural. That’s why PopPLab works with professional journalists.

Personal Social Branding

When the brand is a given person, we help to make their communication in the digital world as efficient as possible.